Monday, April 17, 2017

Time for a Break

So I initially advertised this as more of a travel or adventure blog and I can understand why you might feel disappointed by my subsequent posts. I am too.

The simple truth is that the weather has been unpredictable and shitty so far this season. This has led to 3 out of 4 road trips being cancelled because of high probabilities of rain outs.

I have tried to give you insight into other aspects of korean sports as some kind of reparations. This is fine but enough of them in a row have made this a bit too much of a sports geek's blog. Not what I promised nor delivered.

It was always planned that I would now take a break as I am moving home and have a vacation in the Philippines coming. So the blog will disappear for a few weeks.

Let me assure you that it will return and it will take the form of its intentions. I will write it when required instead of on a weekly deadline. It will be serialized to follow adventures. It will also include simple travel advice. There will be exotic food and plenty of booze filled misadventures.

Thanks for reading so far and I hope that you have learned or been entertained. For those who were disappointed, you can go fuck yourself! But seriously, please stuck with me!!! It will get better!

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